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Data News Roundup- January 28th

Data News Roundup- Thursday, January 28th

January 28, 2021 by Kayla Chiara Data Engineering, Tech Talk

Welcome back to another “Data News Roundup”, a weekly series where we show the latest happenings in data and tech. What’s been going on this week? Keep reading to find out!  Will Data Engineering Efforts Reduce In The Future?– January 28th By Prashanth Southekal Forbes Tech Council  “While 80% of work in analytics projects is on […]

Semantic layer

Should You Build or Buy Your Universal Semantic Layer?

October 18, 2019 by Matt Baird Data Engineering

It only makes sense that organizations are investing in universal semantic layers.  Providing analysts and business users universal access to data that can be understood by their BI tool of choice has become mission-critical. And that’s exactly what a universal semantic layer does. All of your data is virtually related into a common business language, […]

The Ultimate Big Data Architecture Checklist

March 4, 2019 by Rudy Widjaja Data Engineering

Big Data have been able to provide enterprises competitive advantage and reduce operational costs across a wide variety of scenarios. However, setting up a big data environment is not for the faint-hearted, or is it?


March 4, 2019 by Kaleb Northrup Analytics & Strategy, Data Engineering

The ability of a Data Lake to store vast amounts of information carries enormous potential to an enterprise. However, many organizations that employ Data Lakes struggle with BI performance against that data, resulting in individual users creating extracts that detract from the Data Lake’s value.