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Revolutionizing The Cloud with AtScale and Amazon RedShift

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Posted by Lucio Daza
November 29, 2017


We Told You It Would Be Cloudy

You have probably already heard all about it, read all about it and know all about it, but if you are anything like me, (or Einstein) you have already figured out that the more we learn about BI on Big Data the more we realize how little we know. Or, do we?

Harnessing the Power of BI on the AWS Cloud

Data engineers, data analysts, developers and pretty much anyone involved in the data stewarding process is looking to migrate their data to the cloud, mainly to increase performance and lower costs. As we mentioned in our previous blog post it is no secret that this adoption is happening quite rapidly. 

Additionally, If you are one of our avid blog followers, at this point you might have noticed a “cloudy” trend in our releases, recently we announced Google BigQuery support along with our 6.0 release, followed by HDInsight support. Today, however, is a special day.

While AtScale 6.0 brought to us many excellent features, one of the features that I’m most excited about is AtScale’s preview support for Amazon RedShift. Yes! You read it right, AtScale + RedShift is here. Building on the scalability of the AtScale platform, we now provide support for RedShift to give customers more choices in terms of which cloud vendor to use.

Why Did We Do It?

Simple: OLAP on RedShift

A wide range of Big Data scenarios implemented in the cloud today run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has hundreds of features to support virtually any big data application and workload. When you combine the managed AWS services with AtScale, you can get the business intelligence and big data analytical solution that you were looking for to magnify the success of your data analytics projects.

That is why we did it, we want you to invest your time generating insights, not writing ETL.

"The adoption of cloud data platforms has strengthened our belief in the need for a Universal Semantic Layer for ALL data".

Better Performance

One of the advantages of Amazon’s RedShift is that is fast, incredibly fast in fact. It is all due to the MPP capabilities in its architecture. By distributing the workload across multiple nodes, Redshift takes advantage of all available resources. Working in parallel, this optimises query performance, even when dealing with petabyte scale datasets.

Enter AtScale, and things get even better, not only by bringing the AtScale Universal Semantic Layer capabilities to AWS cloud users but also the following key three features. 

Get More from your Existing Cluster with AtScale Adaptive Cache™

Connecting users to large datasets often leads to query latency for usage patterns involving quick filters, pick-lists and granular data. As enterprises deploy more users on Amazon Redshift, more concurrent users create additional stress and latency on the cloud platform. Many organizations will address this latency by falling back on data extracts or data marts. The AtScale Adaptive Cache guarantees sub second performance on virtually any data type or size and scales user concurrency without moving data.

AtScale Hybrid Query Service™ Revolutionizes the Way Users access THEIR Amazon RedShift Data

Today’s average enterprise uses more than two Business Intelligence tools to ingest data they have access to. While they might have direct access to the data stored in Big Data solutions, each one of these tools is affected by the fundamental limitations of a proprietary query language. As a result, each tool has a different engine that tries to overcome these issues. The AtScale Hybrid Query Service makes it the industry’s only platform to support both MDX and SQL.  This means, all users, regardless of their BI tools, will be able to work with the Amazon Cloud with a  live connection.

Live Connection Via MDX

Having the right data available at the right time is key to successful complex decision making. To ensure that you have the latest data available, AtScale provides live connection via MDX to the data residing on Amazon RedShift. This means no waiting for a data mart to be built or an ETL process to run.

Ready? Steady? Go!

We are very excited to work with customers looking to scale their BI efforts on AWS using RedShift and their favorite BI tool.   If you’d like to give it a shot, I invite you to preview AtScale and Amazon RedShift today!

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