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DevOps Engineer

AtScale bridges the gap between business users and their data.
The average enterprise sits on a mountain of data that business users could use to drive better performance. Unfortunately, most enterprises are not equipped to gain value out of their data: according to Forrester, close to 75% of the data stored within an enterprise goes unused.  Enterprises need ways to deliver data to business users with simplicity, speed and security.
Back in 2009 at Yahoo!, AtScale’s founding team experienced this first hand, and witnessed the power and potential of Hadoop.  However, we struggled to make the data in Hadoop accessible to the business users who needed it.  Tired of moving data into expensive, legacy databases, the AtScale team decided to build what they could not buy. 
Infrastructure and systems don’t need to suck; we believe deep understanding of fundamentals and solid engineering cure most woes. We are looking for a startup-friendly, devops person to work with the latest Hadoop tech. This is a challenging position and a great opportunity to learn the latest technologies used in the data space.
We strive to make our interview process effective. We can probably get a bunch out of the way if you have some public Github code, or open source contributions we can look at. Our goal is to run the interview cycle and come to a conclusion within a week.
Regularly scheduled after hours support is not required as there is no on-call rotation!
Desired Skills & Experience:
Has a foundation in a language like Python or Ruby but feels confident to jump into a new languagesHas experience with configuration management systems such as Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine, or ChefWill automate everythingProficiency of Linux at a systems administration levelHands-on experience with Jenkins, Git, Docker, AWSCan work closely with developers to solve systems problems. Blur the line between ops and devCan optimize like crazy; squeeze every bit of performance out of serversCan help build a great company
Nice to Haves:
Has experience with business intelligence conceptsHas experience with Hadoop, and Hadoop-ish stuff like SparkHands-on experience with GCP

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