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Navigating COVID-19 and the New Normal

AtScale’s Cloud OLAP model is available to help you perform multidimensional analysis on public health data to get you the insight you need for your organization. No data prep or data engineering required – connect your BI tool and go.

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AtScale and Tableau Working Together to Analyze the Impact of COVID-19

As society begins to flatten the curve, we need to understand the impact the Coronavirus has on inventory management, supply chain, employee wellness, and the impact of outbreaks on employee locations. AtScale’s COVID-19 Cloud OLAP Model allows you to derive actionable insights from COVID-19 data. We are partnering with Tableau to help you do your own analysis to understand the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


“A majority of public health data is generated from interactions between health providers and patients. COVIDNEARYOU.ORG fills in the reporting gaps left by a majority of those infected by COVID-19 who experience mild illness. Working with AtScale, we are now getting this data into the hands of public health officials to use in their analysis for pandemic response measures.” 

John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School

The AtScale COVID-19 Data Model

AtScale’s Cloud OLAP model is available to help you perform multidimensional analysis on the Starschema: COVID-19 Epidemiological Data. We are continuing to add dimensions and measures to the models and each model’s underlying data is updated daily. 


COVID-19: CovidTracking API Model (US-based model based on data provided by the COVID tracking API)
COVID-19: WHO Model (WHO situation report COVID-19 data)
COVID-19: NYT Model (New York Times COVID-19 data set)
COVID-19: JHU Model (John Hopkins University COVID-19 data set)
COVID-19: VH_CAN Model (Canadian public health data COVID-19 data set)
COVID-19: PCM Model (Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Dipartimento della Protezione Civile - Italian Department of Civil Protection COVID data set)
COVID-19: RKI GER Model (Robert Koch Institute - German Covid-19 data set)


Each data model includes geography and time dimensions as well as varying sets of additional dimensionality such as demographics, population, medical facilities and more.

Each model includes various sets of additive, semi-additive, and non-additive measures defined in each data set (e.g., positives, negatives, cases, deaths, etc.) as well as time-relative measures, i.e., period-over-period analysis).

Video: How to use the AtScale Cloud OLAP Models on COVID-19 data sets

Get started! Watch this video to learn how to use the AtScale model to run live, multidimensional analysis on the COVID-19 data models with a popular BI tool.

Explore examples of dashboards using the AtScale COVID-19 Cloud OLAP model