Google Global Mobility Data

About the data:

Insights are based on data from a sample of users who have opted-in to Location History for their Google Account.These datasets show how visits and length of stay at different places change over time. This data includes Place categories that are useful to social distancing efforts as well as access to essential services, including Grocery & Pharmacy, Transit Stations, Parks, Retail & Recreation, Workplaces, and Residences.

From the provider:

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About AtScale

The Global 2000 relies on AtScale – the intelligent data virtualization company – to overcome common data and analytics challenges including:

  • Accelerating data-driven decisions at scale
  • Creating one consistent and compliant view of data definitions and metrics
  • Controlling the complexity and cost of analytics
  • Mitigating the risks associated with data and analytics

AtScale’s technology solution provides a single, secured and governed workspace for distributed data. The combination of the company’s Cloud OLAP, Autonomous Data Engineering™ and Universal Semantic Layer™  powers business intelligence and machine learning, driving enterprise revenue, decreasing the costs of analytics and reducing data risk.