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Live Demo: AtScale + Google BigQuery

See how AtScale enables enterprises to get the most out of Google BigQuery

Decrease costs and improve performance for Google BigQuery

Join us for a live demo to see how AtScale's Virtual Data Warehouse enables enterprises to make OLAP work on Google BigQuery, accelerating query response time from days to seconds while reducing cloud platform cost by orders of magnitude.


AtScale Chief Strategy Officer & Founder Dave Mariani will walk you through how AtScale's Virtual Data Warehouse is helping enterprises:.

  • Create a single virtualized view of data no matter where it is stored
  • Leverage the benefits of BigQuery without interrupting business users
  • Create a live connection between Google BigQuery and BI tools like Tableau, Excel, and Power BI
  • Optimize query response times against data in Google BigQuery
  • Create virtual OLAP cubes for fast data accessibility and consistency across teams
  • Dramatically improve analytical query performance while significantly reducing per-query costs

We will also have live Q&A to answer your specific questions. We'd also be more than happy to set up a custom demo for your team.