AtScale Adaptive Analytics 2020.1 Product Release Overview

Dave Mariani, AtScale Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, discusses and demos the January release of AtScale Adaptive Analytics 2020.1.

You’ll learn how this release redefines traditional data virtualization into a cloud transformation engine for enterprises like yours.

Dave dives into detail on the enhancements in AtScale 2020.1 which include:

  • Multi-Source Intelligent Data Model – AtScale Virtual Cubes can now span multiple data warehouses.
  • Self-Optimizing Query Acceleration Structures – AtScale Acceleration Structures (Adaptive Cache) will now store the data structures across multiple data sources intelligently based upon data locale and data platform characteristics.
  • Acceleration Structures can be located on a different data platform from the Virtual Cube tables.
  • Virtual Cube Catalog – Business Intelligence users can now discover and explore virtual cubes and request access to them from the virtual cube owner.

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