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Overcome today’s operational challenges through scalable business intelligence

AtScale offers a modern approach to business intelligence and analytics in the cloud. AtScale’s Cloud OLAP enables analysts to perform sub-second, multidimensional analysis with popular BI tools. Enterprises rely on AtScale to overcome data and analytics challenges including: accelerating data-driven decisions at scale, creating one compliant view of business metrics and definitions, controlling the complexity and costs of analytics and reducing the risk of analytics.

Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions at Scale

Gathering live data from multiple sources across the organization can be a long, manual process. If data engineers need to get involved in querying data for analytics, then they are probably being pulled off of other projects and that’s not an efficient use of their time

When business users have access to the data they need, they can perform their own queries. AtScale’s Autonomous Data Engineering™ technology identifies query patterns and creates and manages intelligent aggregates just like the data engineering team would do. The AI-driven optimizer learns from user behavior and data relationships and takes care of data updates and changes, so business users can focus on gathering insights from data and data engineers can focus on other projects.

Create a Consistent View of Data

The best way to get everyone on the same page is to have everyone working off of the same set of data. This ensures that there won’t be conflicting answers to the same questions.

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™ unifies business definitions and context for data and makes it available in one location for business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. It works on an on premises cluster and can be transferred “as is” to a different environment such as Google BigQuery.

What Our Customers Say

"Without AtScale, Analytics is too Slow."

Tyson Foods leverages AtScale for OLAP use cases on Google BigQuery across a number of the company’s mission critical business functions. AtScale’s Cloud OLAP and Autonomous Data Engineering™ capabilities seamlessly deliver interactive query responses times while minimizing load and improving concurrency across all of our operational data.

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Director, Data Strategy and Analytics Technology Platforms

Without AtScale, analytics is too slow. We would have to devote significant data engineering time and resources to even come close to what AtScale provides automatically. This is critical to our team’s ability to be successful with production-level analytics.

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Mark Stange-Tregear

VP of Analytics, Rakuten Rewards

Control the Cost and Complexities of Analytics

Migrating data to the cloud can come with sticker shock. The ease of spinning up new servers (and forgetting to shut them down) is the perfect recipe for ever-escalating costs. On the cloud data platform side, a malformed query can cost thousands of dollars if you’re on a consumption-based pricing plan and that same query can eat up all your available resources if you’re on a fixed pricing plan.

AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization automates the sourcing, curation and modeling of data on premises or in the cloud. It blends live data from multiple data sources into a virtual cube. Virtualization makes IT more agile with the ability to store data in the most suitable platforms while providing the flexibility to adopt new platforms in the future without re-architecting their stack or disrupting their downstream data consumers.

Mitigate the Risks Associated with Data and Analytics

Data is an enterprise’s most important asset. Improving performance, agility, and the return on investment in analytics is important, but means nothing if data is not properly secured and governed.

AtScale leaves your data in place and leverages your existing security settings for your data sources. Your business users have self-service access to curated data sets without the risks associated with data movement or the complexity of integrating a myriad of security and authorization protocols.

AtScale helps you to:

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud. Avoid business disruption and port analytical workloads without rewriting them.

Simplify your analytics infrastructure. Use the best tool and platform for the job without moving data or adding new data stores.

Modernize and future proof your analytics stack. Take advantage of data lakes and cloud data warehouses and be prepared for future platforms.

Secure and govern data in one place. With a live connection to your data, there are no more worries about data traveling the world on user’s laptops.

Turbocharge your analytics and machine learning initiatives. Instantly integrate new data sources and deliver a single, super-fast data-as-a-service API for all your data.

See all of the organization’s data in a single, unified view, no matter where it is stored or how it is formatted.

Conduct interactive and multidimensional analyses using your preferred BI tools, such as Excel, PowerBI, Tableau, or Looker.

Get consistent answers across departments and business units via AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™ that standardizes queries regardless of BI tool or query language.

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The Global 2000 relies on AtScale – the intelligent data virtualization company – to provide a single, secured and governed workspace for distributed data. The combination of the company’s Cloud OLAP, Autonomous Data EngineeringTM and Universal Semantic LayerTM powers business intelligence resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions at scale. For more information, visit