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AtScale Practical Guide for Using a Semantic Layer for Data and Analytics

In depth review of AtScale’s platform, capabilities, and placement in broader data infrastructure stack

AtScale offers a modern approach to business intelligence and analytics in the cloud. AtScale’s semantic layer solution enables analysts to perform sub-second, multidimensional analysis with popular BI ands AI tools.

Enterprises rely on AtScale to overcome data and analytics challenges including: accelerating data-driven decisions at scale, creating one compliant view of business metrics and definitions, controlling the complexity and costs of analytics and reducing the risk of analytics.

Read this guide to learn

  • Where AtScale fits in the analytics stack
  • Key Capability Overview
  • AtScale Design Center Overview
  • AtScale Query Engine Overview
  • Deployment Options

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Who should read this?

Data architects, data modelers, and data infrastructure specialists evaluating the benefits of an independent semantic layer solution like AtScale’s.

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