BI on Big Data: The Traps You Should Avoid

You’ve invested in Hadoop for big data. Your BI users should be able to leverage that data. See what the recent "Forrester Wave: Native Hadoop BI Platforms, Q3 2016," forgot to mention. Traps you should avoid:

  • DON'T copy the data.

  • DON'T hire data scientists (or at least, not too many).

  • DON'T train business users to use tools like Hive, Pig, & Spark

  • DON'T implement a native Hadoop BI platform

What should you do? Read the full paper for checklist of 5 things you should do to be successful with BI on big data.

This paper is intended for technology executives who

...are eager to drive competitive advantage through big data

...want to move beyond the “native BI on Hadoop” hype

...know that true value comes when every employee can use data, any data, in an unencumbered manner, with maximum agility and without compromise their corporate standards.