Building vs. Buying Your Universal Semantic Layer

It is mission-critical for forward-looking organizations to provide their analysts and business users universal access to data that can be understood by their BI tool of choice. It only makes sense that these organizations are investing in universal semantic layers (USLs).

When it comes to acquiring a universal semantic layer, most people’s first instinct is to build it themselves. You’re already paying for your IT team, and they understand your unique data setup. Why wouldn’t you want to use the resources you already have?

Read this paper to learn why building your own universal semantic layer isn’t always the best option:

  • Time: It could take your team years to build a USL from scratch
  • Money: The expense of building and maintaining could outweigh the benefit
  • Resources & Expertise: Your internal team may not have the manpower or expertise
  • Perpetuity: You will have to invest it it continually
  • Why you should let the experts handle it

A far more advantageous alternative to building your own universal semantic layer is trusting a third- party partner that has the knowledge and expertise to build it for you — or has already built a trusted solution and can configure it for your specific needs. AtScale can get your universal semantic layer up and running in weeks, not months or years, for a fraction of what it would cost to build it yourself.

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