Cloud Migration Best Practices for the Retail Industry

Becoming a Consolidated, Insight-driven Retail Organization

This industry guide provides a practical approach for the Retail Industry for making cloud migration decisions and how to begin realizing the benefits of moving to the cloud no matter where you are on your cloud migration journey.

Find out how you can leverage intelligent data virtualization to create a shared data intellect and enable all the different branches of your company to act cohesively, making insight-driven decisions for a shared purpose, and making you far more competitive in the following areas:

  • Business Analytics: Leverage your Business Intelligence and Operational Analytics tools for the best possible business insights and strategies, by gaining access to all of your data, no matter where it’s located or what format it’s in.
  • Inventory: Get a single inventory view across manufacturing, warehousing, transport, and in-store locations and systems, providing dependable information and insights.
  • Pricing: Establish a single intelligence hub that gathers market data and competitor data in a timely manner.
  • Supply Chain: Gain end-to-end visibility of all of your data across a vast, siloed supply chain.
  • Security and compliance: Preserve security and privacy information all the way to the individual user via intelligent data virtualization.

Cloud migration may be inevitable for retailers, but the headaches and uncertainty that come with long, complicated cloud migrations are not. With AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric, you can gain the benefits of a shared data intellect right now, no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

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