Case Study: Operational Data and Analytics for the Cloud

Leveraging the latest in cloud data architecture and intelligent data virtualization to provide unified, business-centric access to globally distributed data

This U.S.-based agriculture and energy company’s operational data was siloed and difficult to access. Users were forced to extract data and work with local copies in order to use their preferred Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and Excel. This left the company struggling to maintain a single source of truth for their analytics.

The company needed a data solution that was easy to use, tool agnostic, disruption-free, and provided a single source of truth.¬†They selected AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric that could break down data silos and:

  • Enable users to use any BI tool to query data through a live connection
  • Allow disruption-free migration of data from on-premises solutions to the cloud
  • Provide a wider and more accurate view of data for more users

In the words of one of their Data Architects: “We are moving away from IT delivering content and are enabling IT to provision data that end users can leverage to build content themselves.”

This global leader now has access to a common, business-centric view of their global performance with no movement or replication of data.

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