Modernize Your SSAS-Based Analytics Environment

While SSAS’ multidimensional analysis capabilities are quite powerful and allow you to uncover new insights, there are major downsides to scaling your modern analytics initiatives. SSAS doesn’t integrate with the latest technologies, is unable to handle Big Data, and inhibits your transition to cloud-based analytics beyond Microsoft Azure.

AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric allows you to scale up and modernize your OLAP infrastructure while keeping SSAS’s strong multidimensional functionality and its live pivot table connection to Excel.  AtScale also eliminates limits on data or cube builds since AtScale replaces SSAS’s physical cube with a virtual cube instead.

AtScale’s advantages over SSAS include:

  • Works directly on your data platform (i.e.Hadoop, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Teradata) without the need to extract data and build a physical cube like SSAS.
  • Scales with your data platform rather than requiring you to provision a separate environment for hosting your cubes like SSAS.
  • Can handle any amount of data because AtScale doesn’t require that you pre-compute every possible combination of dimensions and measures
  • Doesn’t require ETL as AtScale models cubes virtually without data engineering
  • Handles data in different data stores and locations
  • Can be deployed in any Linux ecosystem

AtScale provides the additional benefits of optimizing performance, enabling advanced analytics, and providing data security and governance.

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