GigaOm Radar for
Data Virtualization

This GigaOm Radar report analyzes the top data virtualization platforms in the market, weighs the key criteria and evaluation metrics used to assess these solutions, and identifies important technologies to consider for the future.

This report provides an overview of the leading data virtualization platforms in the market today and recognizes platforms that excel in particular categories. It is relevant to both organizations looking to extend investments in existing platforms as well as to those yet to dip their toe in the data virtualization waters.

Get the information you need to support your data virtualization strategy and platform selection including:

  • Key criteria and evaluation metrics comparison
  • Vendor Insights for the leading Data Virtualization providers (including AtScale)
  • Analysts’ assessment of data virtualization product features and decision criteria
  • Why AtScale shines as a modern platform with compelling execution and excellent support for analytics

Download this report to learn your best path forward to consolidate disparate data sources logically; manage, manipulate, and present a unified view of data to the downstream consumer; and how years of progress have yielded a solution, in the form of data virtualization platforms.