State of COVID-19: Impact on Healthcare

Has the way healthcare is delivered been changing as a result of the global pandemic in 2020?

This original research report an in-depth study in collaboration with OutbreaksNearMe, a team of health experts from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical school, that examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the healthcare sector with a proprietary dataset that isn’t publicly available.

Download for visualizations of crowdsourced and industry data that show:

  • How virtual healthcare delivery has changed across different age groups
  • What virtual healthcare consumption looks like based on other demographics
  • What the impact of the pandemic has been on other health-related behavior including getting a flu vaccine.

The findings are based on data models created using AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization™ platform with datasets housed in Snowflake and Google BigQuery and made available for analysis in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau using AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™. Thousands of data points were analyzed and mapped by researchers with real-time, anonymous information.

This is a part of the AtScale “State of COVID-19” data reports that looks at the impact on a wide range of industries.