How healthcare delivery is changing in response to the pandemic

This original research report is an in-depth study in collaboration with OutbreaksNearMe, a team of health experts from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical school, that examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the healthcare sector with a proprietary dataset that isn’t publicly available.

Download for visualizations of crowdsourced and industry data that show:

  • How virtual healthcare delivery has changed across different age groups
  • What virtual healthcare consumption looks like based on other demographics
  • What the impact of the pandemic has been on other health-related behavior including getting a flu vaccine

The findings are based on data models created using AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization™ platform with datasets housed in Snowflake and Google BigQuery and made available for analysis in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau using AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™. Thousands of data points were analyzed and mapped by researchers with real-time, anonymous information.

This is a part of the AtScale “State of COVID-19” data reports that looks at the impact on a wide range of industries.


Running one query in general on Google BigQuery doesn’t cost a lot of money, but when you are talking about the amount of data users we have that are running queries concurrently, it’s important to run queries as efficiently as possible. AtScale helps us reduce the amount of processing in Google BigQuery which saves us money.

Willem Bekkers Business Intelligence Specialist & Data Coach,

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