How to Perform OLAP and Multidimensional Analysis with Excel and Google BigQuery

Get a live connection to cloud data for Excel


Did you know that you can create Excel pivot tables for drill-down analyses with a live connection to your cloud data? AtScale lets you create a virtual OLAP cube on top of Google BigQuery while keeping the same great SSAS MDX power with a platform that is built for today’s data types and scalability. 

Dave Mariani, AtScale’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer swill show you how Excel users can perform rapid querying and multidimensional analysis on Google BigQuery.

Dave will cover key concepts and give a demo to show you how you can use AtScale to:

  • Create a real-time MDX connection to your Google BigQuery data
  • Get accelerated query response times and access to atomic level data   
  • Ensure a unified view of data and business metrics for consistent reporting with a Universal Semantic Layer™
  • Reduce costs associated with cloud resource consumption including ETL, query and compute costs
  • And more!



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