Data Virtualization & Cloud OLAP: How Can They Improve Your BI?

On-Demand Webinar


This webinar from GigaOm Research features Andrew Brust, GigaOm analyst, and special guest Dave Mariani, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer from AtScale.

Enjoy a lively discussion about why today’s disparate, high-volume data sources make data virtualization a priority for enterprise, and how putting dimensional modeling/OLAP on top delivers well-modeled data in a single, easily consumable access layer.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How data virtualization, combined with on-demand aggregation, adds value to today‚Äôs cloud data warehouses
  • How data virtualization applies across data lakes, data warehouses, operational databases, enterprise software, SaaS applications, and even APIs
  • How the technology enables business users and analysts to query all of their data sources individually or in combination
  • How modern OLAP, built for the cloud, fits into the contemporary analytics stack
  • Why semantic models and analytics-specific query languages deliver crisper insights


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