AtScale Deep Dive: Preparing Data for an AtScale Implementation

On-Demand Webinar

Join us as we review how to prepare, organize and validate your data for an AtScale implementation. 

This 30-minute webinar is part of a new series designed for AtScale customers, The AtScale Implementation Journey: A Deep Dive into the Basics and Beyond.

Every two weeks, AtScale runs a 30-minute presentation that will take a deep dive into an AtScale implementation. We will focus on topics that will help you understand AtScale’s technology, plan your analytics projects, prepare your data for BI, as well as how to develop and deploy AtScale to make information available to your business users who need access to data for analytics.


Speaker: Kamlesh Sharma, Customer Success at AtScale

Kamlesh helps AtScale clients maximize their AtScale ROI. With expertise managing a variety of critical data initiatives, he brings technology implementation know-how to partner with AtScale customers to deliver long-lasting business value. Prior to AtScale, he was VP at JP Morgan Chase in the Corporate Technology division. Kamlesh Sharma has assisted numerous clients over the years in designing and deploying enterprise BI solutions in various roles including Client Partner, Solutions Architect and Information Architect.

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