AtScale Modeling: Beyond the Basics

Kaleb Northrup
Kaleb Northrup

Sales Engineer at AtScale

Chris Oshiro Headshot, Field Cto At AtScale
Chris Oshiro

Field CTO at AtScale

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Learn about some lesser-known but powerful modeling techniques and features.

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In this month’s AtScale Coffee Break, we’ll take a look at a few modeling techniques and features that are maybe one step above the basics that some folks may not have had exposure to yet.

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We discuss:

  • Multi-fact models:  How to add an additional fact table into your model.
    • Join on common dimensions
    • Additional dimensions that are specific to only one fact
    • How to accommodate unrelated dimensions on your measures
  • Query Data Sets – what are they, why would you need them, and how do you use them?
  • The Composer – easily do some basic data manipulations without writing your own code
  • Uncommon measure types, like standard deviations and semi-additive measures
  • And a couple tips about hierarchies, like defining special sorts and when you might want to hide something in your model.