Going the Full Hadoop for BI: Why & How EBates Did It

How do you manage data and deliver insights when data volumes are exploding? Does this modern data challenge require more than a ‘traditional’ approach?

With 30 million+ members globally and hundreds of terabytes of data, Ebates' BI Team moved to a non-traditional approach as a matter of necessity. They defined what a non-traditional approach looks like and kept their Tableau business users happy.

In this webinar, EBates BI leader, Mark Stange-Tregear, will share why and how his team successfully transitioned from traditional BI on a traditional data-warehouse, to "all in" self-service BI on Hadoop.

Join us for this live presentation to learn:

1) Why: Why he chose to run BI on Hadoop at Ebates. 2) How: How Ebates made the transition; the plan, challenges and end-goals. 3) What: What he actually did, what he achieved, and lessons learned