What’s Your Data Strategy? How Chief Data Officers Can Succeed with Big Data

What’s Your Data Strategy? How Chief Data Officers Can Succeed with Big Data

According to Gartner, 90% of large organizations will have hired a Chief Data Officer (CDO) by the end of next year. That’s the good news. The bad news: Gartner believes that only 50% will succeed. Do you feel you have the people, processes and technology required to become a successful CDO? This session is designed to help.

In this engaging power session, Jim Tyo, Chief Data Officer at Nationwide and Tom Davenport, Harvard Business School, share the secrets behind building an effective “Office of the CDO”. They will focus on:

– Hiring the right talent: what specific roles should you hire (and which ones should you avoid).
– Establishing the right process: what practices yield the most results (and which ones will most likely cause you to fail)
– Choosing the right technology: what technology is in, what technology is out (how you should map capabilities to ambition).

Jim Tyo has been a Chief Data Officer for close to 10 years. Prior to Nationwide, he was CDO at large Fortune 500 companies BB&T and USAA. He brings a vast array of best practices and is a frequent keynote speaker. Tom Davenport, of Harvard Business School fame, is one of the top 3 business/technology analysts in the world and one of the 100 most influential people in the IT industry according to Fortune Magazine. He’s authored 18 books and written hundreds of articles on the topic of Business Analytics and Big Data. This session promises to be engaging and rich in information. Don’t forget to bring a notepad and a pen!

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