What is a Universal Semantic Layer?

What is a Universal Semantic Layer?

Semantic layers in business intelligence aren’t new. This handy concept abstracts and simplifies data into common business terms to facilitate and improve reporting. But compounding semantic layers across each BI tool isn’t a simplified solution. A new approach to semantic layers is needed – the Universal Semantic Layer.

Join this webcast to learn how the modern approach of a single semantic layer will help you reduce data management complexities and give users timely access to the data that matters, in a secure and accurate manner no matter its source.

Business intelligence and big data veterans Matt Baird, CTO at AtScale and Lucio Daza, Director of Technical Marketing at AtScale, will illuminate the hidden benefits of a universal semantic layer. They’ll share real stories across industries and pain points to bring to life how you can use a single semantic layer today to consume big data – quickly, simply, securely, and accurately.

Register for this session to learn:
-How abstractions are helpful to business intelligence
-How a single semantic layer can improve the way big data adds value to your organization
-How easy it is to tackle the most complex big data use cases using the modern, single semantic layer approach