AtScale 2020.2 Release Highlights

AtScale 2020.2

As we have transitioned into a new way of life and business, it has become apparent that our reliance on technology has grown stronger than ever. In the past, technology was viewed as a luxury, but now it is deemed as an essential. 

This week, we are proud to release AtScale 2020.2 where customers will see new advancements in cloud adoption and expansion in our security features. The release enables organizations to leverage multidimensional business analysis in the cloud, or Cloud OLAP, and is available on the AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Marketplaces.

AtScale Adaptive Analytics Platform

 AtScale’s 2020.2 platform release includes:
  • Dynamic scaling support for the company’s query engine
  • Unified hybrid cloud authentication and authorization capabilities to bridge cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises data stores
  • Enhanced controls to boost Autonomous Data Engineering™ strategies and performance
  • Availability in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Marketplaces
  • Support for Azure Active Directory, LDAPS and SAML

Want a quick overview? Here’s what you can explore in AtScale 2020.2.


“What AtScale is now doing is identifying aggregates that we would promote to a preferred aggregate storage. That aggregate storage could be anything,” says AtScale Field CTO, Chris Oshiro. Oshiro continues, “But it all depends on who is ultimately consuming your data, where are your systems, where are they in terms of regions, where are they in terms of your line of business … some things are better for performance and locality, some things adhere to corporate policies.”


In this new release we’ve added Azure Active Directory and SAML support which “opened the door for LDAPS.” Oshiro also states that “Because you have more virtualization of data and AtScale is basically reaching out to more platforms and more users, we have to be more granular as to how we impact and set our security settings and we want to push that down as close to a data warehouse configuration as possible.” 


Oshiro also speaks to agility as “Our mantra has always been that you will leave the data where it lies. That’s true and that’s an aspiration. The reality of the world tells us that we have to be more flexible, which we’ve provided with our concept of preferred aggregate storage.” 

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