AtScale + Microsoft Excel

Leverage native MDX connectivity between AtScale and Excel to get the full value of semantic layer and incorporate analytics on live cloud data in spreadsheet models.

AtScale + Excel

AtScale + Microsoft Excel

AtScale is a semantic layer for BI and Data Science on cloud data platforms. With AtScale, organizations can provide Microsoft Excel users with live access to cloud data for quick, easy, and secure business analytics.

Pivot Table

Powerful Multi-dimensional Analysis

Leverage native MDX connectivity for multi-dimensional analysis on live cloud data. AtScale emulates Microsoft SSAS in its Excel connectivity while connecting directly to cloud data sources. This allows Excel users to directly analyze large data sets with no extracts or transformation using PivotTables, Slicers, and CUBE functions.

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One Version of the Truth

Use AtScale’s technology to build and manage a consistent set of business-oriented data models that establish a single source of truth for all data consumers. With easily discoverable, reusable models, you empower all data consumers with self-service access to data assets using the BI and Data Science tools of their choice.

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AtScale Powerful Metrics Design

Live Connections to Cloud Data

Deliver lightning fast performance to live cloud data with no extracts or local data preparation. Powerful query acceleration and AI-driven resource orchestration takes full advantage of modern cloud data platforms while optimizing resource consumption and performance for Excel users.

Customer Story

Cardinal Health

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Streamlining Self-service Data Analytics through Better Governance

Using AtScale’s semantic layer, Cardinal Health has been able to create a universal source of truth for its organization. AtScale ensures metrics are clearly defined across different teams to simplify self-service data analytics sourcing from numerous data systems. This also makes it possible to reliably access the same data from Tableau and Excel for more accurate reporting.

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AtScale + Microsoft Excel in Action

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