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AtScale + Snowflake

Bringing the power of Snowflake Data Cloud to business intelligence and data science Programs

Learn how AtScale enables Snowflake customers to build a single source of governed analytics to enable self-service business intelligence and data science programs

AtScale + Snowflake

AtScale helps data teams build a semantic layer for data and analytics that simplifies and accelerates business intelligence and data science programs on Snowflake.

Self-Service, Multi-Dimensional Analytics

Deliver high-performance access to live cloud data on Snowflake. Establish a single source of enterprise metrics accessible from any BI tool. Modernize legacy OLAP analytics with a full dimensional analysis engine on live data with no data extracts.

Operationalize Data Science Models

Use AtScale AI-Link to bridge Snowflake to ML models and AutoML platforms. Accelerate feature engineering by expanding data sets and maintaining a governed set of time-relative measures. Publish model results back to business for consumption in any BI tool.

Automate Data Engineering

AtScale’s AI-driven resource orchestration intelligently manages aggregates and data movement to deliver speed-of-thought analytics performance on massive cloud data sets while optimizing cloud resource consumption.

Accelerate Performance

Accelerate dimensional analytics performance with intelligent aggregates

Reduce Cloud Costs

Optimize cloud resource consumption with automated resource orchestration

Remove Complexity

Simplify query design and eliminate time-consuming data engineering

Choose your Analysis Platform

Use the AtScale semantic layer to connect live Snowflake data to analysis tools of your choice including Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Excel, and Jupyter notebooks.


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Make Power BI Shine on Snowflake

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Accelerate Data Driven Decisions with AtScale and Snowflake

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ATSCALE + snowflake in Action

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