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Model, Query and Analyze Data with AtScale and Snowflake

AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric creates a single view of an enterprise’s data as it is moved from an on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake

Modern enterprises require a new approach to analytics. AtScale Adaptive Analytics (A3) addresses this by powering the entire spectrum of analytics initiatives with intelligent data virtualization. With A3, you can leverage cloud, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud data architectures without compromising performance, integrity, agility or existing governance and security policies.

Working together with Snowflake, AtScale A3 delivers business intelligence (BI) and analytics when you need it. A3 accelerates time to insights by reducing modeling transformations and greatly improving analytics.

Customer Spotlight:

AtScale helped Rakuten move from their Hadoop environment to Snowflake with no business interruption to the users querying data in Tableau and Excel.

Rakuten’s analysts now run thousands of queries per month through AtScale to determine the efficacy of ad spend.

AtScale and Snowflake Customer


Adopting Snowflake was the easiest part of our cloud transformation thanks to AtScale. Repointing AtScale from our old environment to our Cloud data warehouse was seamless for end users.

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Mark Stange-Tregear

VP of Analytics, Rakuten Rewards

AtScale Adaptive Analytics

AtScale offers the world’s first Adaptive Analytics Fabric, providing freedom of choice for the enterprise. Using A3, business users across the organization gain:

  • Confidence: to deliver the right data, to the right user, at the right time for true self-service analytics
  • Empowerment: to turn data from multiple sources into actionable insights
  • Freedom: to choose how to store and analyze data

Integrate Easily with Snowflake

  • AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric helps Snowflake users apply a wide range of complex and multi dimensional capabilities directly on top of Snowflake using their preferred BI, analytics, and machine learning tools. In fact, AtScale offers the only solution with a live connection between Microsoft Excel and data in Snowflake.

Speed Time-to-Insight with Snowflake

  • AtScale’s visual user interface lets users quickly design multidimensional analysis of their business data for complex calculations and sophisticated data modeling. AtScale’s Autonomous Data Engineering analyzes query patterns in real time and automatically creates and maintains intelligent acceleration structures—speeding time-to-insight and enabling a predictable compute cost model for Snowflake.

Leverage Snowflake Security Features

  • AtScale A3 integrates with the Snowflake user management and authentication services as well as the services managed through the secure API gateway infrastructure. Snowflake encrypts data at rest and in transit which satisfies the most stringent data governance and data access auditing policies.

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AtScale is the leading provider of adaptive analytics for data architecture modernization, empowering citizen data scientists to accelerate and scale their business’ data analytics and science capabilities and ultimately build insight-driven enterprises. For more information, visit us at: