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Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions with AtScale and Snowflake

AtScale simplifies and accelerates Business Insight programs built on Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Snowflake helps organizations eliminate data silos by consolidating valuable enterprise data on secure, performant cloud infrastructure. By physically aggregating data from disparate infrastructure, application clouds and on-premises solutions, Snowflake is a foundation on which to build enterprise analytics and business intelligence programs.

The combination of AtScale and Snowflake delivers a powerful platform for BI teams to build robust business insight programs, making analysts more productive, infrastructures more cost-efficient, and accelerating time to insight.

The Power of AtScale and Snowflake

As business intelligence teams modernize their approaches to delivering business insights, AtScale and Snowflake provide a business-oriented data model and semantic layer on top of flexible cloud data infrastructure. AtScale data models support analysts and data scientists working in a wide range of tools. Teams spend more time delivering insights, less time manipulating and prepping data.

AtScale helps Snowflake customers build world-class business intelligence and data science programs while leveraging the full flexibility and capability of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

• Business metrics stay consistent across the organization.
• Analysts can access a broader range of data.
• Promotes self-service with business-friendly semantics.
• Insights are more easily disseminated through preferred BI tools.
• Security, compliance, and governance policies are enforced

The AtScale Advantage

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AtScale is the Business Insight engine for the cloud-first enterprise, empowering analysts and data scientists to simplify and accelerate business insight programs globally. For more information, visit us at: