The Power of a Universal Semantic Layer

AtScale forms a semantic layer that stands independent from BI tools and cloud data platforms – centralizing governance and control while enabling de-centralized analytics consumption and data product creation.

AtScale semantic layer

Establish an Independent Semantic Layer

Foster a culture of self-service and data literacy. Maintain centralized governance and control while enabling decentralized creation of data products.

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Bridge data modeling and ML development

Establish a Culture of Data Literacy

Expose data consumers to a business oriented view of data and analytics. Empower a broader set of business analysts and decision makers to directly interact with data products. Create broader audiences for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data and analytics products.


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Build Composable Analytics

Create flexibility and scalability with a composable analytics strategy. Let teams build new data products leveraging pre-built building blocks, including pre-built models, calculated metric designs, and conformed dimensions. Accelerate time to market for new analytic solutions.

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Embrace Headless BI

Let data consumers connect to your semantic layer with the analytic tools of their choice.

Leverage the Power of Cloud Data Platforms

The AtScale Semantic Layer complements cloud data platforms. Data is not persisted in AtScale. AtScale provides a platform for integration, analytics acceleration, and orchestration of cloud platforms query and transformation engines.


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