The Complete Buyer's Guide for a Semantic Layer

10 Things to Consider When Modernizing Your Analytics Infrastructure

It’s time for a new approach to driving trust in the numbers that better fits better with today’s data volume, velocity, and variety.

In this guide, we will look at the different approaches to selecting and implementing a semantic layer for your analytics stack that will drive consistency, ease of use and trust for a wide variety of analytics consumption types and use cases. The guide also contains a checklist that you can use as a tool for evaluating different vendors along the capability categories outlined.

Download to learn:

  • What exactly is a semantic layer in the context of enterprise analytics??
  • The top 5 signs you need to invest in a semantic layer
  • How to get started on your search for a semantic layer solution
  • Key considerations for your semantic layer including tabular and multidimensional views, support for BI and data science workloads, easy model development and sharing, and query performance