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How To Realize an Additional 270% ROI on Snowflake
Learn how to reduce your Snowflake compute cost by 73% by adopting best practices…
Industry Report
2020 AtScale Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark: Azure Synapse Analytics
The enterprise has entered into a new era of data warehousing. Driven by the…
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OLAP on the Cloud with Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse
This presentation was one of the most attended sessions at the 2020 Summer Global…
White Paper
Why a Universal Semantic Layer is Critical to your Data Architecture
When a Universal Semantic Layer is added to your data architecture, the stack is…
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AtScale Cloud OLAP Insights
Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage data analytics to return your company…
Solution Brief
Accelerate Azure Synapse Analytics with Cloud OLAP
Download this solution sheet to learn how AtScale and Microsoft technologies working together offer…
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How Boston Children’s Hospital Enables Public Health Officials to Analyze COVID-19 Data with AtScale and Tableau
    Join experts from Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, AtScale and Tableau…
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Analysing Data at Scale Using Your BI Toolset to Help Return to the “New Normal” Post COVID-19
Join experts from AtScale, the intelligent data virtualization company, and intelia, a trusted data,…
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Learn How to Sharpen Business Decisions with Consistent KPI Reporting
Decision making based on inconsistent data is responsible for an average of $15 million…
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How to Perform OLAP and Multidimensional Analysis with Excel and Google BigQuery
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Did you know that you can create Excel pivot tables for drill-down…
On-Demand Webinar Webinar
Creating an Enterprise AI Strategy: If Your Company Isn’t Good At Analytics, It’s Not Ready For AI
Succeeding in AI requires being good at data engineering AND analytics. Unfortunately, management teams…
Solution Brief
AtScale, Snowflake and Microsoft Excel – Working Together
AtScale provides a Cloud OLAP (or COLAP) solution that lets you create a virtual…