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Get practical advice from Global 1000 data leaders at Visa, Cigna, Amazon, and HCL Technologies on how they are aligning AI & BI toward business outcomes at their organizations. 

What We Do

The AtScale semantic layer connects BI and AI tools to cloud data platforms.

Optimize upstream and downstream queries while exposing business-oriented data models that abstract complexity away from raw data.

Companies implement a semantic layer solution to make data, models, and analysis more accessible, consistent, and secure across the organization. It doesn’t matter the size of the dataset, where it lives, or how it’s formatted.


AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Wayfair
Img alt text: AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Visa
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Ashley Homestore
Img alt text: AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: UnitedHealth Group
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Keurig DrPepper
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: General Mills
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Chase
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Cigna
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Wells Fargo
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Tyson
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Toyota
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: Applied Materials
AtScale Semantic Layer Customer: The Home Depot

“Running one query in general on Google BigQuery doesn’t cost a lot of money, but when you are talking about the amount of data users we have that are running queries concurrently, it’s important to run queries as efficiently as possible. AtScale helps us reduce the amount of processing in Google BigQuery which saves us money.”

Willem Bekkers
Business Intelligence Specialist & Data Coach,

“Tyson Foods leverages AtScale for OLAP use cases on Google Big Query across a number of the company’s mission-critical business functions. AtScale’s Cloud OLAP and Autonomous Data Engineering capabilities seamlessly deliver interactive query response times while minimizing load and improving concurrency across all of our operational data.”

Chad Wahlquist
Director, Data Strategy and Analytics Technology Platforms

“One of our top priorities was to have the ability to run rapid-fire, multi-dimensional analytics at large scale, directly from the BI tools our data users prefer. With AtScale, users can run live queries, straight to Google BigQuery at great speeds. It is not something that we saw anyone else able to deliver.”

Maurice Lacroix
BI Product Owner,

“AtScale’s ability to automatically create and manage highly efficient aggregates is critical to our success. Before we had AtScale, query performance was too slow. To reach AtScale’s level of efficiency and speed, we would have needed to devote significant time and resources to building aggregates by hand.”

Mark Stange-Tregear
VP of Analytics, Rakuten Rewards


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Accelerate the flow of data-driven insights by:

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Modernizing data and analytics infrastructure

Supporting analytics consistency and compliance

Accelerating and optimizing analytics on cloud data

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