The Power of a Universal Semantic Layer

AtScale is a universal semantic layer that defines business metrics independently from BI tools and cloud data platforms – centralizing governance and control while still enabling federated analytics consumption and data product creation.

AtScale semantic layer

Break Down Data Silos & Drive Consistency

AtScale establishes a universal semantic layer providing consistent views of live cloud data that can be accessed from data products delivered on common BI and data science platforms.

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The AtScale Semantic Layer Platform: Four Key Services

The AtScale Semantic Layer Platform: 4 Key Services

The Semantic Model: The Bridge Between Technical & Business Data

Support code first data modelers with a mark up language to build and automate scripts to create and maintain sophisticated data products whereas BI analysts can use a visual canvas to drag and drop to create beautiful, multidimensional semantic data models, all in the same environment.

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AtScale Platform-Code and Non Code Based Semantic Model

Universal Access to Business Ready Data Without Compromises

AtScale publishes metrics and model intelligence to a metrics store that can be directly accessed from common BI and Data Science platforms.

Universal Access to Business Ready Data

AtScale in the Modern Data Stack

Deliver the leading universal semantic layer platform for enterprise data teams to manage and scale analytics infrastructure for Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Applications.
AtScale in the Modern Data Stack - diagram

  • AtScale does not move data off cloud data platforms.
  • AtScale leverages existing BI and data infrastructure.
  • AtScale integrates openly with data fabric for managing analytics metadata and governance.

Bridging Semantic Worlds

AtScale integrates with a variety of semantic languages like dbt, Power BI, and LookML, serving as a universal hub for any metrics store or semantic layer platform. AtScale’s universal semantic hub offers unparalleled flexibility, democratizing data and semantics across the spectrum of BI and AI tools.

Semantic Model Interpretor

Embrace Headless BI

Let data consumers connect to your semantic layer with the analytic tools of their choice with their native interfaces and without degrading their experience. Connect to live data without extracts, imports or copying of data.

Leverage the Power of Cloud Data Platforms

The AtScale Semantic Layer complements cloud data platforms. Data is not persisted in AtScale. AtScale provides a platform for integration, analytics acceleration, and orchestration of cloud platforms query and transformation engines.


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