The Developer Community Edition is Now in Public Preview!

Analytics for Everyone: Build Shareable Semantic Models

A Universal Semantic Hub serving all semantic models to all AI/BI Tools

Request access to the public preview to build and share semantic models with the public community, up to 500 queries per month

Drive self-service analytics for everyone

Deliver "speed of thought" queries

Connect live data without data extracts or imports

  • Drive collaboration across engineers and business analysts with a code-first and no-code modeling interface
  • Connect a wide variety of BI and AI tools without compromising functionality or capabilities
  • Build and share semantic models with the community

Thank you for your interest in the Public Preview of the AtScale’s Developer Community Edition! Please check your email for more information and next steps on accessing your free downloadable version of the AtScale Semantic Layer Platform. 

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The AtScale Developer Community Edition serves as a public playground for consumption-ready semantic models, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the data and analytics community. If you're looking to evaluate a commercial universal semantic layer platform request a free trial. Looking for a commercial Semantic Layer? Request a demo.