AtScale Hosts “Data & Darts” in Boston on February 25th

Data and Darts

Data and Darts

AtScale and Boston’s Data and Analytics community for “Data and Darts” at Flight Club in the Seaport District. This event is part of our larger Data and Darts competition that we’re hosting around the world, complete with a leaderboard and prizes.

Data And Darts Competition At Flight Club Boston

At “Data and Darts”, you’ll enjoy great food & drinks, throw some darts and meet others in the data and analytics community. Whether you’re an expert darts sniper or a total beginner, we hope you’ll join us because everyone has a chance to win. 

Flight Club Boston

How does the darts competition work? We’ll play 301 Darts following the American Darters Association rules. The game will start with all players at 301 points. And the game will end when the first player reaches zero exactly by finishing on a single, double or triple. One, two or three darts will constitute one turn. The total score of each turn is subtracted from the total score. Exceeding a zero score (busting) ends the turn and requires the player go back to the score he or she had in the turn prior to busting. A bust counts as a full turn (three darts thrown). 

Space is extremely limited so please RSVP soon to reserve your spot.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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