Data News Roundup- Thursday, December 3rd

Data News Roundup- December 3rd

Welcome to AtScale’s Data News Roundup for Thursday, December 3rd, 2020. We hope that you enjoy this week’s collection of top stories in big data and technology! 

Before we get into this week’s news, we’d like to share that AtScale was recognized as an “Outperformer” in GigaOm’s GigaOm Radar for Data Virtualization report. You can view and learn more about the report here

Now, back to this week’s news!

Salesforce acquires Slack for $27.7 billion in its largest acquisition ever: Here’s the plan

By Larry Dignan


This article goes into the details of Salesforce’s and Slack’s latest agreement. Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, states “We see in Slack a once-in-a-generation company platform. It’s the central nervous system of so many companies on this call and our company and so many of our great customers, connecting everyone and everything, and now we could go even bigger, better, more exciting. And it brings all the companies, people, the data, the tools together.” The plan is to fully integrate Slack into Salesforce Customer 360. 

Unveiled at AWS re:Invent, the new machine learning-powered Amazon DevOps Guru

By Hope Reese

Tech Republic

This week at AWS re:invent, DevOps Guru was introduced with new advancements, where “developers will be alerted whenever the system detects abnormalities such as increased latency or error rates.” 

8 Ways AI Can Boost Retail Sales During the COVID Holiday

By Alex Woodie


Holiday shopping looks very different this year.  Alex Woodie shares how AI is boosting sales by assisting with supply chain inventory optimization, enabling omnichannel fulfillment and price optimization. 

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