Data News Roundup- Thursday February 6th

Data News Roundup

Thanks for coming back for this week’s edition of “Data News Roundup.” As we mentioned last week, we know the amount of news published on a regular basis can be overwhelming– hopefully our recaps are your new “go-to” for what’s happening in a constantly evolving industry. Check out a few recaps below and feel free to reach out to continue the conversation on any of these topics. We love hearing from you! 

Compliance: Watch Your Step! – February 3, 2020

By: Evan Shuman

SC Magazine

An article in SC Magazine questions whether privacy should be part of the CISO’s mandate. The piece notes that privacy rules absolutely impact security in that they force he company to deliver extra protection to a subset of corporate data.

Tinder’s Handling of User Data is Now Under GDPR Probe in Europe – February 4, 2019

By: Natasha Lomas

Tech Crunch

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission announced a formal probe of how Tinder processes users’ personal data; the transparency surrounding its ongoing processing; and compliance with obligations with regard to data subject right’s requests. The Tinder probe came about as a result of active monitoring of complaints received from individuals “both in Ireland and across the EU” in order to identify “thematic and possible systemic data protection issues”.

How Walmart’s taking on Amazon, with help from Indian engineers – February 4, 2020

By: Sujt John

The Economic Times

The Economic Times spotlights how Walmart Labs in Bengaluru, one of the company’s biggest R&D and engineering arm is using data far more effectively with technologies like big data and AI/ML and integrating Walmart’s traditional offline strength with online capabilities to create newer experiences – all of which has helped the company continue to take on Amazon.

Tableau highlights work with retailers like Yeti, Home Depot, and Pepsi – February 5, 2020

By: Jonathan Greig

Tech Republic

TechRepublic recaps Tableau’s presence at the National Retail Federation’s 2020 Big Show in New York, at which the company gave retailers a chance to see how its platform worked featuring Yeti, Home Depot and Pepsi.

How Microsft Runs its $40M ‘AI for Health’ Initiative – February 5, 2020

By: Devin Coldewey

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch’s Devin Coldewey recently sat down with Microsoft’s John Kahan, chief data analytics officer and AI lead in the AI for Good program, to discuss the goals of and how he will run the company’s recent $40M ‘AI for Health’ initiative. Within the article Kahan clearly outlines his strategies which include the need to “have data at scale, otherwise AI is worthless.”