Data News Roundup- Thursday, January 28th

Data News Roundup- January 28th

Welcome back to another “Data News Roundup”, a weekly series where we show the latest happenings in data and tech. What’s been going on this week? Keep reading to find out! 

Will Data Engineering Efforts Reduce In The Future?– January 28th

By Prashanth Southekal

Forbes Tech Council 

“While 80% of work in analytics projects is on data engineering, 20% (if not less) is spent on actually deriving insights and using data science tools and techniques.” What does the future look like for the data engineer? Increases in economic growth, regulations and data capturing are making us evaluate the need for them while many believe that AI and ML will reduce their efforts.

AWS launches free eight-week app development training series on Twitch– January 28th

By Aimee Chanthadavong 


“The new series is part of the company’s commitment to provide free skills training to 29 million people globally by 2025. It is the fourth training series that has been developed by AWS on Twitch. The other series have looked at topics including machine learning and how to become a certified cloud practitioner.”

Gartner: The future of AI is not as rosy as some might think– January 25th

By Brandon Vigliarolo


The conversation around AI and trusting it isn’t new. In this article from Tech Republic, learn what researchers are predicting to see happen by 2025.

Sharing Medical Imaging Data to Enhance Care Quality, EfficiencyJanuary 25th

By Jessica Kent

Health IT Analytics

Concerns have heightened around medical imaging data as it has become more essential in the pandemic. Are the “lack of standards and privacy concerns” the only challenge?

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