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Data News Roundup – Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Welcome back to the AtScale Data News Roundup for Thursday, October 29th, 2020, your go-to source for the top news in the world of big data and analytics.

A lot of interesting stories that are worth a read in this week’s roundup. InformationWeek has a helpful article that looks at the different tools available to leadership teams to help assess the costs of cloud migration, including our new ROI calculator. Elsewhere, Forrester and Alteryx released a study that shows how the convergence of analytics, data science and process automation is critical for business ROI.

Please read on to learn about what’s happening in the industry and reach out if you have any questions. We love hearing from you!

Ways to Help CIOs and CFOs Calculate Cloud Costs and ROI – October 28th, 2020

By Joao-Pierre S. Ruth


InformationWeek has an interesting story exploring cloud costs and ROI that looks at the tools available for organizations to give enterprise leadership greater clarity on the expenses and opportunities that come from cloud migration.

Convergence of Analytics, Data Science and Process Automation Accelerates Digital Transformation, Shapes Businesses of the Future – October 28th, 2020

Company Press Release

A study from Forrester and Alteryx shows how the convergence of analytics, data science and process automation is critical to business ROI. Among the findings, 65% of organizations currently have initiatives to encourage collaboration between data science teams, analytics teams and the business.

MachEye raises $4.6M for its business intelligence platform – October 28th, 2020

By Frederic Lardinois


BI platform provider MachEye announced a previously unreported $4.6 seed funding round led by Canaan Partners with participation from WestWave Capital.

Panoply raises $10M for its cloud data platform – October 27th, 2020

By Frederic Lardinois


Panoply, a platform that makes it easier for businesses to set up a data warehouse and analyze that data with standard SQL queries, today announced that it has raised an additional $10 million in funding from Ibex Investors and C5 Capital.

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