Free Access to AtScale’s COVID-19 Cloud OLAP Model

Free Access to AtScale’s COVID-19 Cloud OLAP Model

It has been a few weeks since my last note to the AtScale community about our commitment to customers and partners during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. First and foremost, the thoughts and prayers of the AtScale family are with those that are being affected directly or indirectly by this global pandemic. 

I wasn’t sure how the community was going to react to the multitude of new challenges that confront us today. I’m incredibly happy to say that I’ve been inspired by the amount of work the global community has done to help healthcare practitioners, essential workers and the companies that are still necessary to provide us with the products we need to live our lives.

As I talk to others about how they are coping with today’s challenges, I continue to hear a need for access to trusted, up-to-date COVID-19 data that can be analyzed to make mission-critical decisions. People want to slice and dice data to understand the impact of the virus on inventory management, supply chain, employee wellness, and the impact of outbreaks on employee locations and more. Not having the ability to derive actionable insights from the data continues to add stress for us all.

As an analytics company trusted by the Global 2000, AtScale is in a unique position to help make sense of data in real-time. Today, we’re announcing free access to AtScale’s COVID-19 Cloud OLAP Model. This model was created to analyze the Starschema: COVID-19 Epidemiological Data through Snowflake’s Data Exchange and is provided in an effort to help organizations and individuals make better decisions based on COVID-19 data. 

Using the AtScale COVID-19 Data Model, you can:

  • Use your preferred BI tool (e.g. Tableau, Microsoft Excel) to perform granular level multidimensional analysis on the data
  • Request new dimensions, hierarchies and measures and be able to analyze them within seconds of their publishing
  • Share your findings with the greater analytics community 

Please reach out to us to let us know if you’d like to share: I’m looking forward to seeing the results you draw from the data. Together we can overcome and all be stronger for it.

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