How to Use a Semantic Layer for Data and Analytics

How To Use A Semantic Layer For Data And Analytics

You may have heard the term semantic layer before, as it’s been around for some time. Semantic layers were invented to mold relational databases and their SQL dialects into an approachable interface for business users. Until recently, however, the semantic layer was always closely tied to a business intelligence (BI) platform. As long as enterprises remained within the confines of their BI vendor of choice, everything worked well. 

Today, there are more ways than ever to analyze data. Gone are the days where there was one BI platform to rule them all. Tightly coupling a semantic layer to one analytics consumption style no longer makes sense. 

Luckily, a semantic layer that’s decoupled from the point of consumption can help ease these problems with data quality and empower self-service analytics. A well-designed semantic layer can lead to better data-driven decisions. It’s a critical part of the modern analytics stack.

Using a semantic layer simplifies many complexities of business data and creates the flexibility to use new data platforms and tools. A semantic layer can empower everyone on your team to be a data analyst, by ensuring that people are playing by the same rules when it comes to defining and accessing accurate data. 

The Modern Analytics Stack

Figure 1: Where a semantic layer would fit into a modern technical analytics stack

In our guide, The Practical Guide to Using a Semantic Layer for Data and Analytics, readers will learn best practices for adopting a semantic layer and what challenges it can solve for your enterprise. 

Explore critical topics such as: 

  • Key trends driving the need for a semantic layer.
  • Real use-cases for a semantic layer across industries.
  • Best practices and key considerations when choosing a semantic layer for your business.

Gain insight into where your organization falls on the data and analytics maturity model, why you should adopt a semantic layer, how a semantic layer will work in your business, and the best business case for a semantic layer.

Learn how using a semantic layer can lead to better data-driven decisions today.

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The Practical Guide To Using A Semantic Layer For Data & Analytics

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