Intelligent Virtualization for Retail

Intelligent Virtualization for Retail

I’m really excited about our latest release of the AtScale platform, 2020.1. This release delivers new, powerful capabilities, including the ability to combine data across different data sources in a single virtual cube. AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization means that you can now simplify data access for your BI and AI users regardless of where the data lives, whether its on-premise or in the cloud.  Check out these cool new features and how they move the needle for the retail industry.

Seamlessly Combine Data On-Premise with the Cloud

More and more enterprises are looking to modernize their analytics stack by moving their data to the cloud.  The benefits of outsourcing the management of a data warehouse is compelling, but most enterprises will still have on-premise data for years to come.  On top of that, most enterprises will have multiple cloud stacks. In fact, in our latest Big Data Maturity Survey, 76% of the companies surveyed have chosen a hybrid cloud deployment strategy.  With data in multiple locations, the challenges to blend that data become even more acute.  Rather than moving data using expensive and inflexible ETL tools, AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization platform leaves the data where it landed and makes it seamlessly easy to join disparate data silos into a single logical view.

See how AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization joins on-premise Teradata data with Snowflake without manual data engineering  (5 minute video): 

Secure & Govern Access in One Place

A key requirement for any data virtualization platform is flexible and strong data security and data governance features. With AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization platform, you have several layers of controls to manage data access across users and groups, regardless of the BI or AI tool used.  First, AtScale automatically integrates with your single sign on standards including Active Directory, LDAP and SAML. Next, AtScale’s delegated authorization insures that any user will query the underlying data platform with their own credentials, thereby preserving the access controls for data at rest.  Besides leveraging your own internal security standards, the AtScale platform includes object level security with Perspectives and includes row level security using a Security Dimension for the virtual cubes.

See how AtScale can apply row level security using a Security Dimension (5 minute video):   

Create Power BI & Excel Reports with a Live, MDX Connection to AtScale 

If you’re a Microsoft shop, Power BI and Excel are critical tools used for visualization and analysis.  AtScale’s MDX support means that Power BI and Excel can connect to a single semantic layer on your cloud or your on-premise data platforms and enjoy the same governance, performance and ease of use with a live connection to the data. AtScale looks just like SSAS to these tools so there’s no need to retrain users on another language or tool.   

See how AtScale can connect “Live” to Snowflake with Power BI using AtScale’s built-in MDX connector (2 minute video):

As you can see above, AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization platform just got better.  With the addition of query federation and new security and governance controls, retailers can provide a powerful and flexible data layer for any user, internal or external.  Built for big data, AtScale is ideally suited for retail’s large and rich data sets. Rest assured that your users can query any data, at any granularity with speed and safety at scale.  

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