Introducing AtScale University

Introducing AtScale University

Introducing AtScale University

As we adjust to the “New Normal” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, going back to school this fall will be anything but ordinary. While some schools have become fully remote or have taken on a hybrid learning environment, others are attempting to have students go back to school five days a week. As many schools continue to adapt to these transitions, one thing has remained the same; AtScale University has always been online!

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Courses that you can take with us at AtScale University include:

  • What’s New
  • AtScale Essentials
  • Administration
  • Advanced Cube Design 
  • Security
  • Time-relative Calculated Measures
  • Single Node to Clustered
  • Connect to Google BigQuery

Online learners can expect to take away: 

  • Use case development skills for implementing a production AtScale Cube
  • The basics of the AtScale platform and building a basic AtScale Cube leveraging a ClickStream Use Case.
  • How to set security at the Project/Cube level, as well as AtScale User Groups and Roles
  • How to map LDAP users to the AtScale System
  • How to implement time-relative functionality using AtScale
  • How to connect AtScale to a Google BigQuery Warehouse
  • How to ensure a new Administrator’s success with AtScale
  • And more!

Meet Your Instructor 

These courses are led by Bob Kelly, AtScale’s Director of Education and Enablement. You can learn more about Bob in his AtScale employee spotlight interview!

Why You Should Enroll 

Enrolling in AtScale University gives you the opportunity to learn everything needed to know about AtScale to use it. Starting with “AtScale Essentials,” you will learn the basics of AtScale and how it works. In “Advanced Cube Design,” you will learn how to augment those processes and use more practical and real-world concepts. You will also have access to several workshop classes, along with administration classes that allow the system administrators to install, update, back up and recover AtScale as well as doing all of the administration activities in the AtScale servers. In addition, you will be able to look at time relativity and how to do it inside of AtScale. You will also have the opportunity to look at aggregates and learn how to manage the system and better tune it for aggregates. E-mail to enroll in AtScale University today and start reaping the benefits of the many educational offerings at AtScale!

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