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AtScale Custom Demo

Virtual Data Warehousing for the Enterprise

All Your Data. On Your Terms.

AtScale creates a live, single and secure view into enterprise data—irrespective of the vendor and technology platform and without having to move the data eliminating the need for data workers to understand how or where data is stored. An AtScale product expert will answer your questions as you learn how AtScale revolutionizes cloud migration and modernizes data warehousing.

  • Maintain Business Continuity—access the cloud instantly without any downtime for data science and analytics consumers
  • Create One Set of Semantics—source and view data from any platform and model it for BI or ML/AI
  • Avoid Re-Writes—leverage existing business definitions, cubes, and calculated metrics
  • Eliminate Data Silos—gain visibility into how data is being queried and used throughout the organization
  • Expedite Time-to-Value—port BI/ML tools in days, not months
  • Avoid Vendor Lock-in—whether on premises or the cloud, or both with any tool or platform
  • Improve Query Performance—automatically reduce queries from 5 weeks to 5 seconds while bringing per-query costs down to pennies
  • Automate Your Data Engineering—automatically adapt to new data platforms and workload requests

Live product demo includes:

  • Experience AtScale’s intuitive user interface
  • Easily access, blend and analyze disparate data in a single view
  • Run and modify queries and track performance
  • Connect to BI or ML tools
  • …and a whole lot more