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Fill out this form to access ready-to-query data from leading data providers and analyze it to derive insights to support your business decisions. Without prepping data or pulling in a data engineer, you can use AtScale for multi-dimensional analysis on data sets from multiple providers like The New York Times, SafeGraph and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and visualize the results with pre-built workbooks in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau.

Our most popular datasets in one model

Get access to this pre-built model containing our most popular datasets including public health, economic, mobility, and election polling data.

AtScale’s Cloud OLAP models are available to help you perform multidimensional analysis on datasets from multiple providers – with no data prep or data engineering required.

You can begin analysis right away by connecting your BI tool. The models provide built-in easy to use dimensions and measures to help you quickly derive insights that you can use for business decisions.


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