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AtScale Live Demo

See why global leaders rely on AtScale for their cloud migration and IT transformation initiatives.

Power Up Business Intelligence Performance

Enterprises leverage AtScale to facilitate seamless and non-disruptive implementations for business intelligence, A.I., and Machine Learning applications in hybrid cloud and multi-platform deployments.

AtScale Chief Strategy Officer & Founder Dave Mariani will walk you through how AtScale's Data Warehouse Virtualization platform is helping enterprises:

  • Create a single virtualized view of data no matter where it is stored
  • Model data with a Universal Semantic Layer for fast data accessibility and consistency across teams
  • Easily add dimensions to analytics within a single query
  • Ensure system-level security by eliminating data movement and defining user-level permissions
  • Dramatically improve analytical query performance and cost predictability
  • Expand the scope of data available to their analysts from weeks to years

Dave will also leave time for Q&A so you can get answers to your specific questions.

If you're unable to attend a live event, we'd be happy to set up a custom demo.