Become an AtScale Partner

Through AtScale’s Partner Program, AtScale aims to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and create mutually beneficial relationships. By offering various partner types and engagement models, AtScale can cater to the diverse needs and expertise of its partners, enabling them to contribute to AtScale’s growth while also unlocking new opportunities for their own businesses.

Partner Types:

  • Technology: ISVs become a Technology partner if they are interested in collaborating with AtScale to develop and integrate complementary technologies. They work together to create seamless integrations, interoperability, or data exchange capabilities that enhance the overall value of both parties’ offerings. Technology partners may have access to AtScale Product and Engineering resources to facilitate integration and enable customers to leverage the combined benefits of multiple technologies.
  • Alliance: Consultants and Solution Providers become an Alliance Partner if they are interested in positioning the AtScale Semantic Layer Platform to their customers and/or building AtScale competency. Alliance partners may engage in joint marketing initiatives, co-development projects, or shared resources to foster innovation and drive business growth. Alliance partners are eligible to participate in the “Referral” engagement model
  • System Integrator: Consultants and Solution Providers become a System Integrator Partner if they are interested in positioning, deploying, and fully customizing AtScale’s solutions for their customers. System Integrator partners are enabled in the full pre-sales and post-sales AtScale process. System Integrator partners are eligible to participate in the “Referral”, “Service Delivery”, or “Resale” engagement models.

Engagement Models:

Depending on their AtScale competencies and business objectives partners elect to participate in one or more engagement models:

  • Referral: Partners in the referral engagement model enhance their clients’’ experiences by recommending AtScale’s products and solutions. They possess deep expertise in specific domains and collaborate closely to co-develop joint solutions by integrating AtScale’s products into their own offerings. This model allows the partner to work closely with AtScale sales and technical teams to receive strategic guidance on use cases to determine solution fit.
  • Service Delivery: Partners in the service delivery engagement model specialize in deploying and customizing AtScale’s solutions for customers. They possess the necessary technical expertise and project management skills to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of AtScale’s solutions. This model allows the partner to work closely with AtScale’s Sales and technical teams to deliver tailored solutions to support customers throughout the implementation lifecycle.
  • Resale: Partners in the resale engagement model resell AtScales products and solutions. They act as an extension of AtScale’s sales force, leveraging their market knowledge, relationships, and distribution channels to drive adoption and generate revenue. This model allows the partner to receive specialized training and support from AtScale to effectively promote and sell AtScale products. Partners in this model often provide their own consulting and integration services.

Note: Within each partner engagement model, there are revenue opportunities for referring businesses, delivering services, or reselling software. Please submit a request on the “Become a Partner” page on AtScale’s website to learn more.

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