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Quantified results and benefits for the most popular Cloud Data Warehouses

AtScale’s Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark reports provide quantified results for query performance, user concurrency, compute costs, and semantic complexity. Download them to see how AtScale improves performance across all four measures for Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics SQL, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake.

We tested the performance and scalability boundaries of the platforms as well as the operational cost dimension.  We also challenged the traditional data modeling techniques by testing an alternative to raw TPC-DS SQL.

These performance benchmarks show results for these areas:

  • Query Performance
  • Compute Cost
  • User Concurrency
  • Semantic Complexity

We also show where AtScale significantly improves these results, delivering query performance improvement of up to 61x, ROI improvement of up to 12x, and a reduction in semantic complexity across the board of 76%.

See how these platforms stack up and how AtScale improves all of them.