Data Lakehouse with Bill Inmon,”Father of the Data Warehouse”

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Listen to Bill Inmon discuss the future of Data Warehousing and the importance of Data Lakehouse as self-service architecture to operationalize valuable information that’s historically been tied up for Enterprises. He shares his thoughts on Ralph Kimball and the difference between Data Marts and Data Warehousing, and the next step in the evolution of data architecture with a Data Lakehouse.

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My perspective is that data architecture is like an ever-evolving river. It’s like the Mississippi River, the Mississippi River from one day to the next is never the same. It’s always changing. The same goes to data architecture. What’s happened is Data Warehousing applies to structured transaction-based data. That’s really the heart of data warehousing, but there’s other data in the corporation that’s viable and important data as well.

I’ve never had one bad word with Ralph Kimball. I’ve known Ralph personally and worked with Ralph personally on many occasions. Now, I will say this much, Ralph understands Data Marts, and what Ralph was writing about was Data Marts, not a Data Warehouse. And from a structural standpoint, there is an architectural difference between a Data Mart and a Data Warehouse. I’m looking at the data lake house as merely the next step in the evolution of data architecture.

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