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Listen to Mariska Veenhof-Bulten discuss how she has implemented a data literacy program across her organization and has raised the bar with her company’s ability to read, write and speak data in all aspects of their work. She shares their journey from a few BI experts to a COE and to getting everyone to have the data skills without the need to become BI specialists.

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How do you define Data Literacy?

I lead the BI team and my team is focused on using data to make better decisions. Our main tool stack that we use is Tableau for dashboarding and self-service analysis. It’s where people use data sources to build their own reports and AtScale is being used for modeling that data. It helps make sure that the data is available in Tableau as a data source in a fast and in a modeled way – it is very easy to use for users that may not be SQL savvy.

What is a data literacy program?

There are many factors that determine how mature you are in working with data, for example, the culture in your team and how easy it is for you to work with data and actually use it for decision-making. One of the key factors is the data skills that you have in your team and that’s where the concept of data literacy comes in. Data literacy is the ability to read, write, and speak data.

We started with the experiment of data coaching, where based on the data maturity model, we are working with teams to talk about what data could mean for them and how it could help them in their job.

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